Court Cairn

Ever since I first saw pictures of this court cairn I have wanted to visit the site. Situated in a forestry plantation in County Armagh, Annaghmare is one of the finest single court tombs anywhere in Ireland. Known locally as the Horned Cairn, the court is over eight metres in diameter. Pictured below is the first view of the tomb as you approach from the pathway. The gallery is seven metres in length and is divided by jambs into three chambers. It faces south and opens into the large court.

Two subsidiary chambers were added to the northern end of the twenty metre long cairn at a later date. The court is semi-circular and comprised of both large and small orthostats with drystone walling between them. From the picture above you can see the dry walling and one of the large pointed orthostats that give the tomb its local name.

East subsidiary chamber

West subsidiary chamber

Situated: From Crossmaglen take the B135 north for 1 kilometre and turn right at the crossroads. Drive along this road to a T-Junction; take a left here. After about 300 metres you will see the forestry, on your right. A sign points to the cairn. Drive down and park at the gate, the court cairn is a further 200 metres along the path.

Discovery Map 28: H 9044 1785. Last visit Sept 2005.

Longitude: 6° 37' 2" W

Latitude: 54° 6' 6" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey

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