Church and Cross slab

The ruins of the 13th century parish church of Ardmulchan are beautifully situated on an elevated site overlooking the Boyne river. The church stands within a rectangular graveyard, surrounded by masonry walls. On the northside of the graveyard is an overgrown Norman motte, which was probably built by the Norman Lord, Hugh de Lacy. The church consists of a square bell tower, at the west end, and scant remains of the nave and chancel. The ground floor is vaulted and there are three openings in the vault for the bell ropes. There are a number of interesting graveslabs in the nave and chancel.

A 17th century graveslab, in the graveyard, of Brian O'Hairt bears a hole, that maybe for a gnomon, with Arabic figures, circling the hole. In the south of the graveyard is the delightful sandstone cross-slab, pictured left. It is about 0.65 metres high and bears a raised ring cross.

Looking west

Holes for bell ropes

The view of the river Boyne from the graveyard, with Dunmoe castle to the right, is really stunning. A beautiful place to just sit and contemplate.

Situated: Heading into Navan from the south, turn right onto the R153 for Kentstown. After 400 metres take a slight left at the fork. Then, after 3.5 kilometres, take an almost hidden left turn for the church.

Discovery Map 42: N 9072 7020. Last visit May 2017.

Longitude: 6° 37' 37" W

Latitude: 53° 40' 25" N

Google Map.

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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