Grooved standing stone

In the townland of Ardristan are two standing stones fifty metres apart, the larger of these stones is pictured left, standing at 2.8 metres high it has six vertical grooves radiating down from the top. There are several stones in the Carlow /Wicklow area with similar grooves, these grooves are believed to be at least partly artificial. There are other grooves on some of the capstones of some near by portal tombs. I hope to add images of these tombs sometime in the new year.

Situated: From Tullow take the N81 south for Bunclody after 1 1/2 Kilometres the stone should be visible in a field on the east side of the road. The other stone is in a field on the west side.

Discovery Map 61: S 842 713. Last visit November 2002

Longitude :6° 45' 10"  W

Latitude:  52° 47' 10" N

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Pics Jim Dempsey

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