Portal Tomb

The last stop of my trip to Tyrone on what proved to be one of the wettest days I have ever spent visiting sites. This impressive portal tomb is located on the grounds of Termon House, Carrickmore. After asking permission we parked the car next to the old stables and followed the track between the two outbuildings. The track was very muddy after the rain and covered in wet leaves, branches had been cut down from the trees and were strewn all over the track, whether this is to act act as a deterrent or not I don't really know, but we carried on down the track until eventually finding the tomb on our right hand side. My only regret about visiting this portal tomb was I could not get close enough, as you can see from the image right, the entrance to the small enclosure is overgrown, with prickly brambles amongst the bushes. I will call again on a drier day and hopefully get a closer look at the tomb. e

The Entrance

Photos: Jim Dempsey

Situated: On the private grounds at Termon House, Carrickmore. Ask for permission first then travel up to the old stables on your left just passed the modern house. There is a track to your left, through a gate, follow this track for about 250 metres and the tomb is located on the right hand side of the track almost hidden in the bushes.

Google Map.

Discoverer Map 13: H 6291 7140. Last visit July 2007.

Longitude: 7° 1' 36" W

Latitude: 54° 35' 13" N

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