Wedge Tomb

On the south eastern slope of Two Rock Mountain is a fine early bronze age wedge tomb, consisting of a rectangular chamber divided into three parts surrounded by U shaped double walled kerb filled with stones. You can clearly see the shape in the above image and the standing inner stones in the image below.

The tomb was excavated in the 1940's when cremated bone,a polished stone hammer, flints and pottery were found. I would recommend you to visit this tomb. Before the pine forest was grown there were splendid views of Dublin Bay and the Wicklow mountains from this site. Unfortunately on my last visit there was evidence that the site was attracting a few undesirables who are lighting fires on and around the stones of the tomb.

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

Situated: From Kiltiernan take the Glencullen road, turn right at Johnny Fox's Pub, you will come to a golf course on your left hand side. The tomb is in the woods on the far side of the course about a hundred feet in from the gravel track that surrounds the woods.

Discovery Map 50: 1843 2131. Last Visit Sept 06

Longitude: 6° 13' 35" W

Latitude: 53° 13' 45" N

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