Church and Ogham Stones

The early church at Clara is believed to have been founded by a St Colman, one of over two hundred saints bearing that name. The present Church is believed to be Pre-Norman because of the presence of antae on the chancel. The antae can be seen on the image showing the east gable below. The old church of Clara stands in the grounds of a small overgrown graveyard. The main purpose of my visit was to view the two ogham stones pictured below.

The first ogham stone I found was the 1.57 metre long stone built into the exterior of the eastern gable immediately below the window. Without knowing it's whereabouts this stone could prove quite difficult to find. The inscription reads TASEGAGNI [MAQ]I MUCOI MACORBO.

The second 1.14 metre long ogham stone was not discovered until 1976. It is located to the east of the north doorway almost level with the ground. The inscription reads G[E]LAGN[I] [A]V[I] [--]. Both of these stones have suffered some damage. This is a very interesting site, I found a view nice grave slabs as I walked around the site. I just wish it was better maintained.

Situated: From Kilkenny take the Dublin Road (Not the N10) for 2.3 kilometres. Go through the roundabout onto the R 712 for 4.8 K then take a left turn (not signed). The church is 1.2 kilometres down this road on your right.

Discovery Map 67: S 5778 5636. Last visit May 2014.

Longitude: 7° 8' 45" W

Latitude:  52° 39' 20" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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