Court Tomb

On my recent trip to the west coast of Ireland, I was so delighted to have visited this quite compact court tomb. All that remains of the tomb is a three chambered gallery, above the middle chamber sits a wonderful large capstone. The tomb is aligned north/west-south/east and the missing court would have stood at the south/east. The site is beautifully situated on the north side of Cleggan Bay.

Inishbofin is almost in alignment northwest of the tomb. This would be a delightful place for a picnic, our ancestors certainly picked some wonderful locations to build their monuments, the location of this site is certainly amongst the very best.

Situated: From Clifden take the N59 north. Then turn left onto the R379. After 4k take a right turn by Cleggan strand, then first left up a track to holiday homes. Walk straight along the track through four gateways, turn sharp left and walk south. Ask for permission at the house.

Discovery Map 37: L 6065 5892. Last visit May 2009.

Longitude: 10° 6' 12" W

Latitude: 53° 33' 42" N

Google Map

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

Looking north

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