Ogham Stone

This granite stone caught my eye as I was searching amongst the gravemarkers, I thought it was a standing stone, it is quite common to find them in old graveyards. It turned out be an ogham stone, but the badly weathered inscription is very hard to notice. I have enhanced a few of the letters on the south-east angle, pictured above. Macalister suggests that his reading . . . RENI may be the end of a name such as MAQI-TRENI. The stone stands to the south of the high cross shaft, present in the graveyard, see Clonmore high crosses page. Harbison stone No 11, see Clonmore monastic page.

West face

Situated: It can be found in the old graveyard at Clonmore, on the same row as the broken cross shaft. On the left as you enter the graveyard.

Discovery Map 61: S 9638 7610. Last visit Apr 2019.

Longitude:  6° 34' 11" W

Latitude:  52° 49' 38" N

Google Map

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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