Court Cairn

Clontygora Court tomb is beautifully situated on a hillside in South Armagh, it is Y shaped with a large burial gallery at the centre. Some of the stones that line the forecourt look quite spectacular, the highest reaching about two and a half metres. Pictured above is the courtyard viewed from the east looking south towards the entrance of the chamber.

The tomb was excavated in 1937 and evidence of cremations were found amongst other neolithic artifacts.

The bottom image was taken from the back of the tomb at the tail of the Y shape The size of the cairn that enclosed this tomb is difficult to make out. The area aound this tomb is well kept, the grass had just been mown on my most recent visit. For atmosphere alone I would recommend you visit this amazing megalithic structure.

Situated: About four miles south of Newry, travel south across the border, take the first left, at the very end of this road you will come to a T-Junction, here you take a right turn and the tomb is in a field on your left.

Discovery Map 29: 098 194. Last visit March 2009.

Longitude: 6° 19' 15" W

Latitude: 54° 6' 44" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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