Ogham Stone

I figured the long spell of dry weather would be an excellent time to visit the ogham stone at Crehanagh South. The stone is situated on farmland about 200 metres in from the road. This two metre high megalith was first erected as a standing stone, aligned N-S. The south side of the stone is badly damaged. Macallister/1945 believes this was probably done to remove an earlier inscription. The newer inscription, on the SW and SE angles, reads: VOCAGNI MAQI CUR[I]T.

Looking West

Situated: From Carrick-on-Suir take the R676 south across the Old Bridge. After 2.5 kilometres turn left onto the R677. Then 1.3 kilometres stop at a farm gate on your left and a track leading to a farmhouse on your right. Ask here for permission. The stone is in the second field in, on your left.

Discovery Map 75: S 4188 1966. Last visit July 2018.

Longitude: 7° 23' 8" W

Latitude: 52° 19' 38" N

Google Map.

Photos: Jim Dempsey

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