Norman Motte

The Norman motte and bailey at Cruicetown is located eighty metres west of the old parish church. The motte is 6.5 metres high and 34 metres in diameter at the base. The bailey extends from the south west of the motte and is defined by a bank, see left of image below. The bailey has been damaged by quarrying and the, once grass covered, motte appears to be suffering from erosion on all sides. It is situated on the summit of a hill with excellent views of the surrounding countryside.


Situated: From Kells head NE on the N52 after 4.8 kilometres, take a slight left for Nobber. Then take the next right. After 3.9 K turn left onto Deerpark Heights. The motte and church are 1.7 K down here on your left.

Discovery Map 35. N 7954 8463. Last visit Apr 2017.

Longitude: 6° 47' 33" W

Latitude: 53° 48' 19" N

Google Map.

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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