Dún Eochla

Stone Fort/Caher

Dún Eochla is a superb stone ring fort located at the highest point on Inishmore in the Aran Islands. The inner walls measure approximately 5 metres in height, and over 3 metres in depth. This fort deserves far more attention than it gets with it’s fantastic location and remarkable condition, but is overlooked because of the popularity of the nearby Dún Aengus/Dún Aonghasa. Rarely do you find four stone forts so close together on one small island, each of which are in great condition.

It has been estimated that Dún Eochla was built sometime between 550 and 800 A.D. Like most stone forts, this one is a bit over restored, but I am very impressed by the dry stone walling. The steps up to the ramparts were much like the original steps; something not seen on other restorations.



While some web sites may reference a stone hut in the enclosure, the structure in the centre is more likely a repository for stones left over from the restoration. I am delighted to recommend you visit this fort; the views from here are stunning, you can see an almost 360˚ view of the island, and the Cliffs of Moher can also be seen on a clear day.

Situated: From Kilronan take the main road north west through the town towards Kilmurvey. After 2 kilometres take a left turn towards the the old lighthouse, walk passed the lighthouse for 150 metres across the fields to the fort.

Google Map

Discovery Map 51: L 8624 0985. Last visit May 2009.

Longitude: 9° 41' 59" W

Latitude: 53° 7' 38" N

Photos: Jim Dempsey

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