Glebe North

Stone Circle

There are a group of four stone circles situated north east of Cong in County Mayo. Although the circles are closely grouped they stand in three different townlands, Glebe, Tonleeaun and Nymphsfield. The first circle, the northern one, is a variant recumbent stone circle over 16 metres in diameter with a low kerbed cairn located in the centre of the circle. About twenty of the approximate 30 stones remain. The recumbent stone and its two flankers are situated on the northern side, opposite the one remaining portal stone. The circle stands on a manmade platform. Southeast of here is the Glebe east circle shown below.

From the southeast

Beautiful locatione

Situated: From Cong head east on the R345 for 1 kilometre. Take a left at the gate lodge to Ashford Castle, staying on the R345. Circle is signposted 1 km down here on your right.

Discovery Map 38: M 1626 5614. Last visit April 2012.

Longitude: 53° 32' 55" W

Latitude: 9° 15' 48" N

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Glebe East

AKA Tonleeaun Stone Circle

The east circle or Tonleeaun circle is probably the hardest to find. We thought we could approach from Glebe south circle but this prooved fruitless. By the time we had found a more navigable route we had run out of time. The best way is to hop over the fence to the east of Glebe North and turn south and go through the gate into the next field. What remains is a ruined cairn circle lying under a group of Hawthorn trees. Now that I know the easiest way, we will be back for a closer look.

Situated: From Glebe North head further east to the end of the field. The circle is over the fence and in the next field to the south.

Discovery Map 38: M 1635 5609. Last visit April 2012.

Longitude: 9° 15' 44" W

Latitude: 53° 32' 53" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey and Deb Snelson.

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