St MaCuillins Holy well, Saints stone

I visited the holy well at Grallagh earlier in the year, but it has proved rather difficult to find who it is dedicated to. In the county Fingal protected monuments record it is named as St Michael's Well, but is dedicated to St MaCullins in a local book about Fingal wells. The well is situated in a small stone well-house that resembles some tomb shrines or early stone churches. I met an elderly local man who told me drinking the water from the well was known as a cure for whooping cough, and people came from all over Ireland to drink the water. Sadly a local farmer had some drainage work done in his fields and since then the well has dried up. Also present in the graveyard is the remains of an early church, pictured bottom.

Saint's stone

Outside the wall of the graveyard next to the entrance is a large earthfast boulder known as the holy stone. This stone has a hole running through it and apparently you lie on your back and place your hand through the hole This is supposed to be a cure for backache. If I do find anymore information about the site I will update this page.

Situated: From Dublin take the N2 North to Coolquay. Take a right turn here and drive for about 6 kilometres to Palmerstown. At the bend in Palmerstown take the right turn. The graveyard is situated on your left 1 kilometre after the next crossroads.

Discovery Map 43: O 1065 5643. Last visit Mar 2010.

Longitude: 6° 19' 50" W

Latitude: 53° 32' 46" N

Google Map

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

Remains of the church.

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