Lough Gur

Stone Circle C

Located in the field next to the more famous Lios Stone Circle, this small circle measures some 17 metres by 16 metres. As you can see from the picture below there is a large gap to the South West of the circle where it is thought a few stones may be missing. The stones vary from reddish conglomerates to white limestones and are well weathered.

Situated: From Bruff take the R512 North about 1k after the first crossroads you will see a layby on your right the Lios Circle is signposted and visible from the road. This circle can be seen in the adjacent field.

Discovery Map 65: R 6323 4057. Last visit July 2015.

Longitude: 8° 32' 30" W

Latitude: 52° 30' 56" N

Google Map

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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