First View

Kilmogue Portal Tomb

AKA Leac an Scail

Kilmogue dolmen, known locally as "Leac an Scail" stone of the warrior/hero. Not only is the sheer size of this tomb truly amazing but also the engineering, the portal tomb has been constructed using a large capstone resting on two large portal-stones and a pillow stone resting on a backstone. The portal stones are around 3.7 metres high and the capstone reaches up well over 4 metres. The entrance faces NE and has an enormous door-stone almost 3 metres high. This is one of the largest dolmens in Ireland and without doubt one of the most spectacular and is well worth a visit. Please note it is also signposted as Harristown dolmen.

The high bushes around the dolmen have been cleared since my first visit and you can now get access to the field behind it, the image at the top of the page was taken from that side. There is also a standing stone in this field.

Situated: About a kilometre from Harristown crossroads turn left down a country lane, at the bottom of the lane there is a signpost pointing to the Portal tomb which stands about 40 metres from the signpost hidden behind some trees.

Discovery Map 75: S 5031 2826. Last visit April 2007.

Longitude: 7° 15' 38" W

Latitude: 52° 24' 13" N

Google Map

Photos: Jim Dempsey.


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