Wedge Tomb

The wedge tomb at Labbacallee is the largest of all the Irish wedge tombs, known as the Hag's Bed the tomb is associated with the Celtic Hag -Goddess 'Caillech Bhearra' The gallery is covered by three massive capstones, the largest weights around ten tonnes and the tomb has three large buttress stones at the rear set parrallel to the gallery these can be seen above. The tomb is also triple walled with large stones also shown above and in the image below.

The front of the tomb, see large imae below, is also very impressive it has the remains of a large portico wider than the actual gallery. Around the southern side of the tomb is the remains of the kerbing of the cairn that once covered this huge megalithic monument. Also to the south is a small round modern cairn, this cairn has since been removed. You can clearly see the kerbing of the wedge tomb in the foreground of the image below. This is a must see tomb if you are in this area or near the much smaller wedge tomb at Island. The only negative is the road, railing and wall are too close to this magnificent megalith.



Modern cairn and the kerb in the foreground

Situated: About 2 kilometres SE of Glanworth, From Glanworth head south on the R512 and take the first left after the church, the tomb is 2 kilometres down this road on your left hand side behind a small wall (sign posted).

Discovery Map 73: R 7711 0253. Last visit Sept 06.

Longitude: 8° 20' 4" W

Latitude: 52° 10' 27" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey

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