Wedge tomb

After visiting The Lios I made a visit to this fine wedge tomb. The sun was really low on my visit so it was difficult to get good pictures from different angles. This enormous megalith must be at least 10 metres long and over 3 metres wide. Double walling can be clearly seen in the image above, the gallery and its chambers have a roof consisting of five huge slabs. This really is an excellent example of a wedge tomb and much more impressive than some of my photos suggest.

The tomb is easily accessible and can be clearly seen from the main road. The image below was taken as I approached this megalithic monument from the road. If you are in the vicinity then I would recommend that you come here to enjoy this fine wedge tomb.

Situated: From Lios stone circle travel south to the next crossroads, take a left turn, drive past the new church on your right, the tomb is about 400 metres past the church well sign-posted with a small lay-by.

Discovery Map 65: R 6448 4025. Last visit Sept 2014.

Longitude: 8° 31' 23" W

Latitude: 52° 30' 45" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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