Passage Tomb

I had previously seen pictures of this tomb and was really looking forward to my visit. At first I was quite disappointed, but I think this was due to the location rather than the monument. The tomb is standing at the centre of a very modern pig farm/factory. I felt a bit like an intruder, so I asked at the office if I could view the tomb, permission granted, so back up the hill and under the electric fence.

This megalithic monument is all it promised to be, the wedge-shaped remains of a passage tomb. There are five orthostats on each side of the passage with three large roofstones, there are four more stones at the western end which may be part of the kerb, very little remains of a cairn. I left feeling rather pleased that the tomb was actually on this farm and with no worries about its survival.

Situated: From Waterford take the N25 west, after 2 kilometres take the R682 south at the fourth crossroad's take a right, drive down here for maybe 2K there should be a track to your left marked private ground. Ask for permission at the office.

Discovery Map 75: S 5286 0294. Last visit Sept 2006.

Longitude: 7° 13' 38" W

Latitude: 52° 10' 33" N

Google Map.

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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