Maudlin Tower House

Magdalan Castle/Leper Hospital

This 16th century tower house, was a later addition the 13th century St Mary Magdalen Hospital. The name "Magdalen" or "Maudlin has traditionally been associated with leper hospitals. The hospital grounds were probably walled. There is some scaring on the south side of the tower, indicating the location of a wall that formed part of the Maudlin Gate. A drawing by Fracis Place in c.1698 shows the tower house with the Maudlin Gate attached to it. This gate gave extra protection to the suburb of St John. The 13 metre high, four storey castle also acted as a retirement home for wealthy traders like the Rothes, Langtons and Shees. Access to the castle is through an arched doorway in the east wall. I am not sure if there is public access to the tower. I believe the interior of the doorway is protected by a murder hole and a stair turret in the south east corner leads up to the battlements. On the outside of the north wall you can see the garderobe chute. The base of the tower has a pronounced batter.


Garderobe chute

Situated: From the castle head north east along Rose Inn St, continue over the bridge onto John Street Lower. At St John's Priory turn right onto Maudlin Street. The tower house is down here on your left beyond the corner tower.

Discovery Map 67: S 5111 5597. Last visit Sept 2017.

Longitude: 7° 14' 41" W

Latitude: 52° 39' 9" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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