Round Tower and St Cronans
Round Tower


Round Tower

This splendid 1th century round tower is situated in the centre of Roscrea. St Cronan found a monastic site here in the late 6th century, the remains of which are now divided by the main road through the town. The Round Tower stands to a height of 20 metres and may have originally been 26 metres high. The circumference at the base is approximately 15 metres. The south east facing doorway, pictured below, is about 2.34 metres above ground level and features no decoration.

The Doorway

There are three windows remaining in the drum. The east window which is the largest bears several carvings, one of them is is a single-masted ship, one is an axe and the third carving is of a belted cross. The earliest record of the tower states that it was struck by lightning in 1131. The Black Mills behind the Tower have been renovated and turned into a museum and visitor centre. St Cronan's High Cross is now housed in the exhibition area along with several other remnants from the monastery. On the opposite side of the road is the west gable of St Cronan's 12th century romanesque church.

Situated: The Round Tower is situated on the west side of the main road as you enter Roscrea from the north.

Google Map

Discovery Map: 60 S 1370 8945. Last Visit: Aug 2010.

Longitude: 7° 47' 46" W

Latitude: 52° 57' 21" N

Pics Jim Dempsey.

Looking from the Mill

Approx date: 12th Century.

Dimensions: Height 20 m. Diameter: 4.7 m

Door: Above ground 2.34m. Type:

Windows: One lintelled.

Features: Medieval ship carving.

Cap: None.

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