Clare Heritage Centre, Corofin

Roughan Hill Tau Cross

This Tau Cross stood on Roughan Hill to the west of the road from Killinaboy to Kilfenora. The cross is probably the most remarkable example of an ecclesiastical boundary markers in Ireland. It was moved to the Clare Museum for safe keeping and a replica of the cross now stands at the original location. Killinaboy or Kilnaboy in Irish is "Cill Illine Baoith" meaning "Church of Boath's daughter". The cross is also known as "Crois Inneenboy". There is a Holy well nearby named Toberinneenboy dedicated to St Inghine Boath of Killinaboy. The T shaped cross is carved from a single piece of limestone and on the top of each arm are two heads with two joined hands between them. The tau cross was affiliated with St. Anthony, one of the founding fathers of the ascetic monastic movement within the Coptic Church. There are eight other examples of a Tau Cross in Ireland, Tory Island, Dalkey, Kilmalkedar (2), Killegar, Tawnagh, Carrownaseer North and Ballypatrick.

Situated: Easy, the cross is on display in Clare Heritage Museum, Church Street, which is housed in what was once St Catherine's church Corofin.

Discovery Map 57: R2859 8882. Last Visit July 2014.

Longitude: 9° 3' 45" W

Latitude: 52° 56' 44" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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