Old Leighlin

St Laserian's Holy Well

On a previous visit to Old Leighlin we only had enough time to visit the cathedral, so as I was in the area I made a point of driving down to view the well. I had seen a few images of the well and to be honest they did not do it justice. I had a pleasant surprise as I wandered down the hill from the car-park. The well sits in a walled enclosure on a steep slope and although it is now dry the surrounding area and enclosure are extremely well kept. The walls surrounding the well appeared recently painted. To the west of the well head is a small altar with a large number of votive offerings placed on top and outside the enclosure. To the southeast is the customary rag tree.

The well is also locally known as St Molaise's Well. On St Laserians Feast Day, the 18th April, people would come to the well after mass to say prayers and drink the water. The well is still venerated.

From the northeast

Cathedral view

Stone Cross

Behind the well is the old granite wheeled cross, pictured right, standing 1.27 metres high and 0.6 metres wide. The cross sits in a granite base set on a modern plinth. You can also make out the edge moulding along the corners of the shaft. St Laserians Cathedral can be viewed to the east of the enclosure.

Situated: Very easy. From Old Leighlin Cathedral head west on the road north of the Cathedral. The holy well is a few hundred metres down here on your left.

Discovery Map 61: S 6560 6544. Last visit May 2014.

Longitude: 7° 1' 43" W

Latitude: 52° 44' 10" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

Northern entrance

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