AKA The Druid's Temple

All that remains of this recumbent stone circle are four tall flat topped stones that include the recumbent and a fifth stone that is almost down. At the centre of the circle which was originally 9.5 metres in diameter sits a large lump of quartz, which seems to be quite common to stones circles around this area of Cork. See also Reanascreena. All four remaining standing stones are in the eastern half of the circle including one that may be a portal stone.

It is not known how many stones originally made up this circle, in 1743 nine stones were standing, but by 1837 only the five we see today remained. The tallest of the stones is about 2 metres. The quartz stone at the centre of the circle is known as "Cloich Griene" meaning the sunstone. This is said to be from where Clonakilty got it's name. I found the landowners very friendly and most helpful so please ask before visiting. If you do call then visit the nearby ogham stone.


Ogham and Bullaun stones

Ogham Stone

Situated up a small lane to the left side of the Farmhouse is an early ecclesiastical enclosure. At the site are the ruins of a stone oratory, shown in the image below, also present is a large needle shaped pillarstone with a very faint ogham inscription. There is a small cross pattee inscribed on the western side of this bronze age megalith.

Bullaun Stone

Lying almost at the foot of the ogham stone is a large stone with a single bullaun known locally as the 'wart well' as it was believed to be a cure for warts. Bullauns are usually associated with early christian sites but we now know they are actually from a much earlier age.

Situated: About 2 1/2 kilometres north of Clonakilty on the Ballinascarty Road. From Cloanakilty take the Ballinascarty road, after about 2 1/2 kilometres just after a left turn you will see one of the stones standing above you in the field to your left. There is a stile in the wall. The owners are at the next farmhouse on your left.

Google Map

Discovery Map 89: W 3885 4376. Last visit Sept 2006.

Longitude: 8° 53' 0" W

Latitude: 51° 38' 35" N

Photos: Jim Dempsey


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