Carrickglass Portal Tomb

AKA The Labby Rock

The Clown Prince of Irish Dolmens, the Labby Rock has a capstone of approximately 65 tons. Built between 4,000-2,500 BC, this dolmen is situated at the bottom of a small valley in the townland of Carrickglass, this is one of my favorite megaliths as I have always had a feel for this site every since my first visit. Locally known as the Labby Rock is called after the Irish word for bed leaba. Folklore: Diarmait and Grainne are believed to have slept here when fleeing from the Giant Fionn MacCumhaill, to whom Grainne was promised. Legend also says Nuadha of the Silver Arm, King of the Tuatha De Danann is buried here, Nuadha was killed in the Battle of Moytirra by Balor of the Evil Eye, King of the Formorians. A stone figure from the iron age, known as the Tandragee idol, is said to represent King Nuadha.

The portal tomb is situated in a narrow valley and faces SE. The massive capstone is resting on four of the orthostats that form a small chamber, The two metre long chamber consists of two matching portal stones, two side stones, a back stone and, standing slightly behind the the portal stones, a door stone. the upright stone in the image at the bottom of the page is the door-stone, the capstone is not resting on it.



The limestone capstone was more than likely a glacial erratic as there are lots of large boulders lying around this whole area. The name Moytirra is from the Irish- Magh Tuiread, which means 'Plain of the Pillars'. see also Moytirra East.

Situated by Lough Arrow in Co Sligo. Drive to Castlebaldwin and follow the signs for Cromlech Lodge Hotel. From the hotel follow the signs to the dolmen.

Discovery Map 25: G 7954 1576. Last visit Aug 2013.

Longitude: 8° 18' 46" W

Latitude: 54° 5' 26" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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