Moytirra East

Court tomb

Known locally as the Giant's grave, belonging to a giant who was killed in the battle of Moytirra, this is in fact a Court Tomb belonging to the Neolithic period. It has the remains of a U shaped gourt leading to a gallery of four chambers. These would of been covered by a cairn which has since dissappeared, probably used for local walls and roads. The court may have been used for rituals and gave access to the gallery. There are a number of other boulders lying around the tomb but these may not belong to this structure as there are a lot of erratic boulders in the area. Other sites in Moytirra include the Labby Rock and Heapstown Cairn.

Situated: From the N 4 take a right turn for Ballyfarnon, as you come to Ballyfarnan take a left for Highwood then take the first right after Highwood the megalithic site is in the field beside the first house on your right .There is an information sheet on the wall next to an iron gate.

Google Map

Discovery Map 25: G 8143 1412. Last visit Sept 2002.

Longitude: 8° 17' 1" W

Latitude: 54° 4' 33" N

Photos: Jim Dempsey.

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