Howth Portal Tomb

AKA Aideen's Grave

Located on the grounds of Howth Castle are the remains a huge megalithic monument. The quartzite capstone, which has slipped, weights an estimated 75 tons. Only Brownes Hill dolmen in County Carlow is larger. The portal tomb is aligned South East and the two portal stones,each one an estimated 2 1/2 metres high, and door stone still remain. You can see in the bottom image where the capstone has slipped backwards from the portal stones.

Folklore: Known locally as Aideen's grave this tomb is said to be the burial place of Aideen the wife of Oscar the son of Oisin. Oscar the bravest of all the Fianna slew three kings in his first battle, he died at the battle of Gabhra. It is said that Aideen died in grief at her loss, so Oisin buried her at Howth and set a cairn over her, a burial usually reserved for great warriors or kings.

Situated: From Dublin take the R105 North towards Howth. Park at Deer Park Hotel and Golf course. Walk to the right of the Hotel after about 200 yards you should come to a small path on your left.

Discovery Map 50: O 2760 3832. Last visit Aug 2009.

Longitude: 6° 4' 56" W

Latitude: 53° 22' 47" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.o


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