Rock Art

Situated on a hillside about five hundered metres north west of the graveyard at Boho is a limestone outcrop, most of these stones are decorated with cup and ring carvings, none more so than the largest stone which is over 3 metres in length by 2 metres wide, this stone pictured above is almost entirely covered with these carvings. Along what now appears to be the top of the main stone there is a line of marks similar to those at Ballyedmonduff. There are six stones in all at this site five of which bear rock art.

The other decorated stones also bear many cup and ring motifs. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to this site and will definitely visit again but maybe a little earlier in the day as the sun moves behind the stones after mid-day.

Situated: From Enniskillen take the A4 west towards Belcoo, then take a right turn for Boho, approx 5k take a left towards Boho churches signposted, take a left turn at the second church, Sacred Heart. Go 500 metres up this narrow track, the outcrop is in the field immediately in front of the bungalow on your left.

Discovery Map 17: H 1148 4628. Last visit Apr 2007.

Longitude: 7° 49' 24" W

Latitude: 54° 21' 54" N

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Photos: Jim Dempsey.

Looking down to the church

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